Sunday, May 2, 2010

My First Post!

Well, here we go, my first post on our new beachdog blog. I'm excited, because I love beaches, I love dogs, and I love to blog.

We mean this blog to be a collection of beachdog pics, both ours and, hopefully, yours. Why? Because beachdogs are fun and happy and joyful and we want to make a place where you can come and feel fun and happy and joyful, too, even if only for a few minutes during your daily coffee break.

So there will be pictures. Laurie, my co-bloghost, lives near some awesome dog beaches and will be sending in plenty of fresh photos and video footage.

I unfortunately do not live at the beach, but I load up on pics whenever I go to visit. Then I'm hoping you out there in bloggyland will send in your beach dog photos to our soon to be up and running flickr beachdog group, to be posted on our "beachdog of the day" posts. And keep a lookout for upcoming photo assignments, too.

And we may occasionally throw in a post or two about our own dogs at home. If you don't mind. 'Cause we like to talk about our dogs. And take pictures of them.

So, welcome to our beachdog blog! We hope you'll stick around and join us for some beachdog joy!

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